Aug 30, 2010

Mondays with The Man

Lately I’ve been working on a photograph series and it’s been decided that every Monday I’ll feature images and a little humor from the project.

It all began with a fantastic toy that my friend Emily got as a prize in a tin of bandages! Toast Bandages to be more accurate. That’s right folks, we found bandages, shaped like toast, with PRIZES! Way better than that whole Cracker Jack thing- do they even have prizes anymore? I don't think so and that is just unacceptable.

Meet: Teeny Little Business Guy 

(aka The Man)
His first time out in the wild he took a tour of the Denton House. I just know he was impressed. Although he seems a little judgy with that briefcase and suit.

Aug 22, 2010

It's Been One Week

One week, 1400 miles, 22+ hours of driving and 6 states since I arrived in Maryland. The majority of which was spent getting to know the area and searching like a maniac for a place to live. My hopes for snagging a cute “downtown” loft were shattered early on, but I ended up finding a nice place within biking distance to work and walking distance to the market (score!).  This week wasn’t all serious stuff though; in fact it ended up being more fun than anything! To break up the trip, my Dad (who so wonderfully helped me move) and I stayed the night in Nashville and met up with my brother for some fun, live music and beer on Broadway. After making it into Maryland (almost winning the license plate game: 45 states and 3 international!), meeting the great people at my new office and beginning the great apartment hunt we headed out to Leitersburg for the Annual Peach Festival. Later in the week we went to Gettysburg for some good ol’ Civil War fun. The history buff side of me is LOVING being in such close proximity to so much amazing American History. (Side note: I’m also not used to this whole: I can drive less than an hour and be in a different state thing. Exciting!). We ended the week going to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where I learned: 1. There are over 400 different species of sharks and 94% of them are considered harmless 2. Jellyfish are seriously interesting to watch 3. I don’t like sharing viewing space with small children (I WANT TO SEE TOO!) and the best part 4. The aquarium has a volunteer diver program where you can help out IN THE TANKS! After viewing some crabs at the aquarium we decided it was time to eat some delicious crab at Obrycki’s before I dropped Dad off at the airport. 

Now I’m currently sitting in the middle of my living room floor staring at towers of boxes, mostly labeled ‘BOOKS’. I have a strong dislike for the unpacking part of the moving process. While it’s exciting to set up a new place and decide where everything can go and make it all cute and homey- you have to decide where to put things! OVERWHELMING. It has also become abundantly clear that, while I have too many things, I have no useful things. For example: my kitchen is practically empty. There are the couple Belikin Beer glasses I picked up in Belize, some divided plates (an issue for a different post) and far too many Nalgenes. Dad to the rescue again and voila! I am now the owner of a toaster oven. Now if I could only make myself walk to the market and buy groceries…

Tomorrow starts my first official first day at the new job! (Does anyone know where all my grown-up clothes are?)

Antique Tractors in Leitersburg
Sea Horse

Aug 10, 2010

And here we go!

I’m Amanda and my 2010 has gone something like this:

After graduating in December with my BAAS in Sociology, Anthropology and Art History, I got a job at the University working in housing. I worked grown up hours, got a 401K and benefits, but really played around at my desk, read TONS of NPR and tweeted A LOT. Occasionally I got a key for a locked out resident, but mostly I created my own fun. At the end of the semester I needed something a little more meaningful and productive so I found a job as Assistant Director at a camp in Colorado. Living in the woods playing with kids and acting silly for 2 months? Sign me up! So I packed all my things and drove off into the wilderness. The summer was filled with wacky hair Wednesdays, ziplines, hiking, peeing in the forest, near death golf cart experiences (notice the plural), managing a staff of 40, and meeting so many amazing young women. Now that summer has come to an end I’ve found myself with a new job, in a new state! I’m packing my things again and heading out to Maryland to work with the National Park Service. Follow me and my blog as I leap again!