Feb 10, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why Emily Schwarting Should Let Me Get A Bunny

1. They're adorable

I mean seriously, who doesn't love a cute little bunny face? People who are dead inside. That's who.

2. Lively

Bunnies like to play and are active. They promote a healthy lifestyle that will most definitely rub off on us.

3. Clean

Same kind of bathroom situation as our lovely kittens.

4. Loyal

Bodyguard. Bunny ain’t gonna let anyone mess with us.

5. Affectionate

We can hold it and squeeze it and love it forever.

6. Did I mention adorable?

7. Entertainment

Bunny vs. Kitten wars (it’s the hottest new reality show in the making).

8. Clever

Did you know we can make a maze for bunny and it will finish it in awesome record time? Because bunny is SMART.

9. Cuteness

10. Popularity

Everyone loves bunnies, which means everyone will love US. Duh.

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